We develop and optimize environmentally responsible, economically feasible processes for the extraction, recovery, and reuse of metals and by-products.

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How is this accomplished?

Design and develop zero liquid discharge process flow sheets and processes.

Optimize reagent reuse and recovery

Evaluate and determine superior process treatment steps that aid in cost reduction and waste reduction using historical methods and the newest available technologies

Produce marketable by-products.

Reduce cost through process selection, reagent reuse and recovery, the elimination of waste production.

Services We Provide

Examine and evaluate client idea or concept. Prepare block diagrams.

Select specific process steps.

Perform preliminary cost analysis.

Design and perform required test programs.

Optimize existing processes and flowsheets to include efficiency tests, cost analysis, process optimization, and required lab test work.

Create standard operation procedures for process steps as developed by Irish Metals to incorporate existing process steps.

Provide training and start up assistance.

Technical Support for product sales, business marketing, and shareholder presentations.

All services are performed on a contract basis.
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