Mike Irish
Principal Consultant and Innovator

Over 30 years’ experience as an extractive metallurgist developing economically feasible, environmentally friendly processes for a variety of industries.

B.S., M.S. Metallurgical Engineering, P.E. Environmental, Q.P.

Mike Irish

What We Do

Consulting Extractive Metallurgist

We develop and optimize environmentally responsible, economically feasible processes for the extraction, recovery, and reuse of metals and by-products.

Our Current Projects

Lithium Ion Battery Recycle and Reuse

As we move into a battery driven society it will be an ever increasing challenge to supply the raw materials required to sustain the required growth. The cost effective/efficient reuse and recovery of the components in spent batteries is a crucial component in the success of this technology.

Control of Toxic Algae Blooms

Irish Metals has partnered with Global Phosphate Solutions to develop a sponge pellet that performs like an ion exchange resin for removal and recovery of phosphate from discharge water, lakes, and streams.

Recovery of Phosphate for Reuse

Phosphate is a crucial element required to sustain human and plant life. It is projected to be in short supply in the not too distant future. We must have a process to recycle Phosphate for reuse.

Concentrate Processing

Irish Metals has partnered with a group of investors / researchers to develop a universal leach and eliminate need for smelters.


Mac McCreless

Irish Metals has provided valuable technical assistance and insights to aid in the development of fantastic new opportunities for our company. These include the evaluation of methods for uses of magnesium hydroxide, and a more cost effective means to recover valuable materials from lithium ion batteries. We have enjoyed working with Mike and look forward to many new possibilities.

– Mac McCreless, CEO Garrison Minerals

Dean Mullen

Mike knows a great deal about metals chemistry, separation and processing. Mike is both practical and very technical.

– Dean Mullen M.S., P.E.
Process Technology at tiger Treating, LLC